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ArcGIS Business Analyst is a web-based solution that makes custom site evaluation and market analyses fast and easy.

Utilizing extensive demographic, consumer spending, and business data, ArcGIS Business Analyst provides detailed information and insights about consumers, their lifestyles and buying behavior, and businesses in your market area.

Creating an account

In order to complete this tutorial you will create an account with Esri.  To do this follow this link for directions on creating an account. 

Once you complete that process in another tab or window, return here to complete the tutorial. 

Getting started with ArcGIS Business Analyst

Your Turn:

  • Enter your unique username and password to proceed in to the ArcGIS Business Analyst database.
  • Examine this SpicyNode of what type of data is available through the University of Arizona.

concept map

Selecting your location

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There are four different primary options for selecting your location. Esri provides a short video
explaining how to quickly get started.

For the purpose of this tutorial we will examine Yuma Arizona.

Your Turn:

  • From the landing page follow the "Select Your Location" link.
  • Now choose the "Select Geographies" Option.  This will allow you to select from a list of predefined geographies.
  • Click on the Zip Codes button

Selecting your location

2 of 4Since we don't know the Zip Codes for Yuma:
  • Select the Zip Codes by Metropolitan Area (CBSAs)
  • Scroll down until you find the Metro Area for Yuma.
  • Select all eight zip codes (three for Yuma and five for surrounding areas). 
  • Click Apply.

Selecting your location

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Now close the pop-up by clicking on the small x.

If you hover over a boundary area the sub-geography description the zip code will appear.  

Your Turn:

  • Click on the zip code 85344.
  • Double click and a box should appear
  • Choose the edit site function.  
  • Uncheck the zip code 85344.  
  • Click Apply.  

Now lets generate some reports for these zip codes.

Selecting your location

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What zip code is reaches furthest to the south and east?

Generating Reports

To understand how to quickly get started utilizing reports, watch this: 2 minute video from Esri.

Your Turn:

  • Follow the link on the 'Get Reports' tab. A list of reports should appear.  
  • Choose the 'Business Summary' report.  
  • Select the 'Run Reports' button. In a few minutes a link the report should appear in your email.  
  • Open the report.

Retail Trade makes up what percentage of the businesses in these 8 counties?



Researching the Market

To see all of the different reports available go to the SpicyNode and select the 'Business/Consumer Data'.

Watch this one and one-half minuteintroductory video about researching the market.

Your Turn:

  • Go to the 'Research Market' tab.  
  • Choose, 'Create Color-Coded Map' option.
  • Select the, 'Choose Variable' button.
  • In the 'Category' drop down, choose 'Retail Marketplace.'
  • Click on the + and choose the '2010 Total Retail Sales'

For the zip code 85365, what was the total retail sales for 2010?




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